I have been doing makeup since the first time I held a tube of mascara, and by the 7th grade I had girls waiting around my lunch table in the cafeteria to do their makeup, and I was consulting teachers with beauty advice.

Art was instilled in me as a very young girl by my father, whom is by far by favorite painter.  I am grateful for his colossal love for art and color as it has become my first love, too.   At only thirty-on years young, I have made it my duty to be a well-versed and unique makeup artist. I apply my fashion-forward senses to accomplish a tailored end-result for each one of my clients, for any occasion or purpose. I customize each makeover to the needs of each individual client, for no set of eyes, texture of skin, or lip shape is EVER the same. 

I love sharing my knowledge of beauty with others through creativity and transformation. In this industry you must  think outside-the-box and constantly evolve as an artist, or you will forever be stuck swimming against the currant of the those whom allow change. 

My promise to all of my clients, is to provide them with incredible service and to achieve to precision, their desired look. With over 13 years of professional experience I know that I was born to make people feel pretty.  

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